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  • What is LeadMaker?

    LeadMaker is an AI-based sales engadgement tool that automates the process of attracting prospects.

  • Who needs LeadMaker?

    Whether you are a startup, a global service provider, or a recruiting professional, LeadMaker will help you boost the performance of your SDR and sales team.

  • Is LeadMaker legal?

    Yes, LeadMaker is a legal business. Our software is only using public business related data, like business email, business position or other similar contact information.

  • How it works?

    Get a free demo to see how we're helping companies build a repeatable process for setting meetings, closing revenue, and analyzing their sales and marketing strategies.

  • How much does LeadMaker costs?

    LeadMaker pricing depends on the number of users that you want to give access to and on the features you need to use.
    Please take a short look on our pricing page or contact us for a personalized offer.

  • Can I use LeadMaker for free?

    Please contact us if you want to try LeadMaker for a trial period.